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Movies starring 'Beau Sinclair'
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Breaking the Boy
Starring: Beau Sinclair, Tyler Saint
Tags: Ropes, Chains, CBT, Nipples, Ball Gag, Punching/Stomping, Paddling/Spanking
Beau Sinclair makes his stunning debut as boy to god-like Tyler Saint! Tyler gut and ab punches the muscle boy into submission. After the boy continues to be ornery, Tyler works over the nuts and ass!
Wildcats Suck 1
Starring: Beau Sinclair
Tags: Ropes, Athletic, Punching/Stomping, Electro
It's football season! Musclestud Beau Sinclaire is the star player for the Wildcats. Dire and his friends bet against the Wildcats, and are making sure that Beau doesn't play so well...
Wildcats Suck 2
Starring: Beau Sinclair
Tags: CBT, Athletic, Electro, Forced Workout, Piss
Dire Callahan and friends begin to fuck up Beau Sinclair. First they train obedience with him with the shock collar--he fucking pisses his pants. He then is made to do push-ups in the piss!
Wildcats Suck 3
Starring: Beau Sinclair
Tags: CBT, Athletic, Electro, Forced Workout
Up Down Up Down. Squats are fun when you have some incentive! Pull the balls to do down, squeeze to go up. Repeat. Repeat. This is a bit too much for Beau, and he finally breaks--but they aren't finished yet...
Wildcats Suck 4
Starring: Beau Sinclair
Tags: Solo, Athletic, Electro, Forced Workout
Time to work out that massive chest with some flies--and a little encouragement from the shocker. Eventually Dire gets bored and moves on to the ultimate humiliation. He's gonna have to be tied up for this one.
Wildcats Suck 5
Starring: Beau Sinclair
Tags: Solo, Athletic, Ass Play
The final painful humiliation of Beau Sinclair is a hard assfucking with a metal bat. It's not football, but who the fuck cares at this point? He squirms and squeals to the rhythm of his own raping!