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Movies starring 'Bigg Pete'
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Bigg Pete 1
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, Gag
Bigg Pete is suspended by rope to a chain fence, his softball-size biceps flex against the ties. This guy isn't going anywhere fast, but he sure tries.
Bigg Pete 2
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, Ball Gag
Bigg Pete is back! Here he is tied to a chair propped up against our trusty old chain grid wall like piece of living art. If you listen closely, you can almost make out the foul language through the bright red ball gag.
Bigg Pete 3
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, Gag
Bigg Pete is back again--this time he is strapped securely to our steel bed. His balls come out to say hello through a tear in his jeans. His softball biceps tug against his bindings, but the more he strains, the tighter the ropes wrap around his sweaty frame. Part 1 of 2.
Bigg Pete 4
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, CBT, Ball Gag, Spreadeagle
This is the thrilling conclusion to the BiggPete series! The balls finally come out, and are wrapped tight in a stretcher. Then the diabolic dom rigs up some string that forces Pete's balls to literally hang in midair. He struggles one way--pain. He struggles another way--pain.
Mohawk Down
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Rubber Straps, Solo, Gag
For our anniversary month, we "invited" BiggPete back, this time sporting a mohawk! We watched from a security camera as he struggles in a chair that is suspended by chains. We made a big mistake letting him out last time--a mistake we don't plan to make again.
Bungee Bound
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Rubber Straps, Solo, Ball Gag
Here BiggPete is again in one our more innovating bondages. He is held in place by rubber straps on all sides, and he doesn't look too happy about it...
Military Muscle
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Military, Ropes, Solo, CBT, Gag
This time Bigg Pete is caught behind enemy lines and--This video don't need no premise! Angry buff guy tied up real tight with his dick out. He can't really stand up straight, with his balls being roped and pulled tight.
Benched Boy
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, Nipples, Gag
We finally decide to work on Bigg Pete's nips to see how much they can take. We didn't tell him about the clamps until AFTER we had strapped him down and gagged him. I think you'll agree that it worked out better that way.
Benched Boy Part 2
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, Nipples, Gag, Vacuum/BC
At last, the coup de grace--something that is a rarity in this day and age in porn: breath control! We stick a mask on him--bag just recycles his own breath. Pretty sure he doesn't remember finishing this shoot...
Face 2 Face
Starring: Bigg Pete, Dominik Mann
Tags: Gag, Nipples, CBT, Ropes
We have a two-fer! We "pursuaded" BiggPete and Dominik Mann to come together. They got to know each other REAL well when they were connected with nipple clamps and ball stretchers.