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Movies starring 'Brock Armstrong'
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Leather Dungeon: Part 1
Starring: Blake Wesco, Brock Armstrong
Tags: CBT, Leather, Paddling/Spanking, Ropes
Starting off the Leather Dungeon series, musclegod Brock Armstrong lets boy newcomer Blake Wesco worship his muscles -- then Brock sees fit to give the boy a hard spanking. When the hand isn't good enough, the paddle can easily take over, which has Blake cringing in pain.
Leather Dungeon: Part 2
Starring: Blake Wesco, Brock Armstrong
Tags: Ass Play, CBT, Clothespins, Nipples, Ropes, Spreadeagle
Blake is tied hands-to-feet with a spreader bar, making for both an uncomfortable and completely vulnerable position. Muscledom Brock Armstrong takes full advantage of this by ball squeezing and using all manner of toys on the boy's helpless holes!
Leather Dungeon: Part 3
Starring: Blake Wesco, Brock Armstrong
Tags: Ass Play, CBT, Paddling/Spanking, Ropes
Master Brock continues to take advantage of boy Blake in this most vulnerable of positions. He uses his fingers up the boy's ass til Blake is singing like a puppet, and then moves on to the paddles.
Leather Dungeon: Part 4
Starring: Blake Wesco, Brock Armstrong
Tags: Flogging/Whipping, Leather, Spreadeagle
Blake Wesco is put against the cross, his back eager for the taste of Brock's many floggers. Brock shows us his skill, as he moves from fast and furious floggers to the BIG DADDY, which he uses two hands to wield. With the BIG DADDY, it's not flogging--it's bludgeoning.
Leather Dungeon: Part 5
Starring: Blake Wesco, Brock Armstrong
Tags: CBT, Flogging/Whipping, Leather, Punching/Stomping, Ropes, Spreadeagle
Dom Brock Armstrong turns the boy around on the cross to let him taste all manner of diabolical instruments. Thumpers, whackers, ball flickers -- each gives a unique squeal of pain from boy Blake, who has barely enough time to recover from the last device before a new one is presented.
Leather Dungeon: Part 6
Starring: Blake Wesco, Brock Armstrong
Tags: CBT, Cum Shot, Leather, Spreadeagle
Leather Dungeon concludes with a session of epic cock and ball torture. Boy Blake has a tight metal ball stretcher, which Brock Armstrong dangles his boots from. His squirming and screaming give rise to a money shot that leaves pools of cum at the boy's feet.
Skinhead Torture Test: Part 1
Starring: Brock Armstrong, Derek da Silva
Tags: Clothespins, Nipples, Paddling/Spanking, Punching/Stomping, Suspension
Two skinheads at play: Dom Derek da Silva returns to work over musclestud Brock Armstrong. After stringing his mate up, Brock proves just how tough he can be -- as he is pounded, smacked, paddled, metal clothpinned...too much shit to fit in this small space!
Skinhead Torture Test: Part 2
Starring: Brock Armstrong, Derek da Silva
Tags: CBT, Flogging/Whipping, Paddling/Spanking, Punching/Stomping, Ropes
The torture of skinhead Brock continues with some playful ball pulling that ends in anything but playful. Then Derek da Silva decides that his skinhead bro needs his backside worked over as well...
Skinhead Torture Test: Part 3
Starring: Brock Armstrong, Derek da Silva
Tags: CBT, Cum Shot, Flogging/Whipping, Ice/Water, Jerking Off, Punching/Stomping, Ropes
Our mini-series ends with Brock flat on his back, under the skinhead's boot. After some kicking, Derek da Silva forces Brock to cum while grabbing a fistful of nucksack. Finally, Derek releases his own cream all over Brock's chest!
Rope Dreams: Part 1
Starring: Brock Armstrong, Drake Jaden
Tags: CBT, Punching/Stomping, Ropes, Suspension, Wax/Fireplay
Musclestuds Drake Jaden and Brock Armstrong are having sexy brutal dreams -- and this first one has Drake suspended and vulnerable. Brock uses this to his advantage with hot wax and impact play!