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Movies starring 'Rex Knight'
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Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 1
Starring: Rex Knight
Tags: Rubber Straps, Ice/Water, Solo
In Chamber 1, Rex Knight struggles like a veritable King Kong at his restraints. His massive muscles flex against the unyielding rubber straps. His only salvation is a key in a block of ice in front of him, just out of reach.
Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 5
Starring: Rex Knight, Joe Giovanni, Erik Kelso
Tags: Ropes, CBT
In Round 2, Erik Kelso is pitted against the Xtinguisher. The fireman muscle god ties Erik to a ladder and tortures him until he squeals!
Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 6
Starring: Rex Knight, Franco Dax
Tags: Ropes, Nipples, Ball Gag
Franco Dax gets a nasty suprise when Rex Knight returns to torture the shit out of him! Nipple torture, whipping, punching--Franco gets worked over up until the amazing climax!