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Movies starring 'Ricky Sinz'
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Rival Gang Revenge: Part 1
Starring: Draven Torres, Ricky Sinz
Tags: Blindfold, Punching/Stomping, Ropes, Spitting
The legendary Ricky Sinz catches muscled scrapper Draven Torres marking up his gang flags, and payback is a bitch! Ricky strings him up and uses him as a human punching bag until Draven loses the attitude problem -- and then the fun begins...
Rival Gang Revenge: Part 2
Starring: Draven Torres, Ricky Sinz
Tags: Blindfold, CBT, Leather, Paddling/Spanking
1...2...3... never has counting been so brutal as Ricky Sinz uses "boot" paddle and riding crop to break the rival biker Draven Torres into submission. Ricky THWACKS until Draven is SCREAMING so loud your next door neighbors will call the cops.
Rival Gang Revenge: Part 3
Starring: Draven Torres, Ricky Sinz
Tags: Ass Play, Blindfold, CBT, Gag, Leather, Ropes
It's time to take biker Draven over the table. Ricky Sinz brought his tools to work on his bike, and now he puts them to good use -- twisting the tools up the boys ass until he's like a finely tuned engine!
Rival Gang Revenge: Part 4
Starring: Draven Torres, Ricky Sinz
Tags: Ass Play, Bootlicking, Leather, Paddling/Spanking
Ricky Sinz sees just how many tools he can fit into Draven Torres' asshole. After the boy has been sufficiently pacified, the biker sets Draven to cleaning his boots. His tongue gets deep in the cracks.
Rival Gang Revenge: Part 5
Starring: Draven Torres, Ricky Sinz
Tags: CBT, Clothespins, Electro, Flogging/Whipping, Spreadeagle
One of our MOST EXTREME SCENES! Ricky Sinz has been coddling this new boy up until now -- so he breaks out the flogger and uses the business end to make Draven Torres dance in his restraints. When Ricky gets board, then the stunner comes out...
Bad Deal: Part 3
Starring: Drake Jaden, Ricky Sinz
Tags: CBT, Clothespins, Gag, Leather, Spreadeagle
Preston calls his boss Ricky Sinz to deliver the embezzler to his "care". Drake Jaden is roped up nicely when the boss arrives, and Ricky taunts and tortures the thief with a riding crop and clothespins!
Bad Deal: Part 4
Starring: Drake Jaden, Ricky Sinz
Tags: Clothespins, Gag
Drake Jaden continues to get his comeuppance by the brutal Ricky Sinz -- who slowly puts on two strings of a HUNDRED clothespins to Drake's muscular frame. Then uses a winch to pull the strings off!
Bad Deal: Part 5
Starring: Drake Jaden, Ricky Sinz
Tags: Electro, Hogtie, Ropes, Suspension
Violet Wand with electrified ropes! Watch the merciless Ricky Sinz make Drake Jaden scream and squirm in hogtie suspension bondage! Hurts so bad, Drake finally pisses himself, then gets his face rubbed in it!
Bad Deal: Part 6
The Boss Ricky Sinz decides that he better get some dick sucking out of Drake Jaden before he fires him. First, he uses two dowel rods to great effect, trapping the boy's privates until he gets a different kind of blue balls!
Interrogation 3: Part 1
Starring: Derek Pain, Ricky Sinz
Tags: Blindfold, CBT, Military, Paddling/Spanking, Ropes
In the start of the final chapter of the Interrogation Trilogy, Ricky Sinz takes over puts the fear of God into Derek Pain -- who is bound and hooded. Ricky swats and slaps with bamboo rods on the ass and back until the prisoner is a bright red!