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Movies starring 'Tyler Saint'
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Breaking the Boy
Starring: Beau Sinclair, Tyler Saint
Tags: Ropes, Chains, CBT, Nipples, Ball Gag, Punching/Stomping, Paddling/Spanking
Beau Sinclair makes his stunning debut as boy to god-like Tyler Saint! Tyler gut and ab punches the muscle boy into submission. After the boy continues to be ornery, Tyler works over the nuts and ass!
Dungeon Games: Cage 1
Starring: Tyler Saint
Tags: Nipples, Blindfold
Tyler Saint finally gets what's coming to him! Reduced to the level of a dog, he is obedience trained by shoving wooden bars through the cage to keep him in his place. This mutt has a lot to learn!
Dungeon Games: Cage 2
Starring: Tyler Saint
Tags: CBT, Blindfold, Punching/Stomping
Tyler Saint continues to be put through his paces by Dire Callahan, who pokes, prods, hits, and generally torments his new dog. Although Tyler is being a good boy, he still has more training to go!
Dungeon Games: Cage 3
Starring: Tyler Saint
Tags: Blindfold, CBT
Tyler in his dog cage comes to a painful conclusion as Dire puts on the dog's cock and balls the same 20 lb weight that Tober endured in Stalker! Boy does that dumbell get around!
Dungeon Games: Trifecta 1
Starring: Tyler Saint, Duke Rivers
Tags: CBT, Nipples, Punching/Stomping
Tyler Saint and Duke Rivers are at it again, this time playing with a Trifecta. Duke uses Tyler's immobility to pay him back for the recent wax torture-- with pec smacking, ball smacking, and rough pressure massager!
Dungeon Games: Into the Woods 1
Starring: Tyler Saint, Duke Rivers
Tags: Ropes, CBT, Nipples, Gag, Punching/Stomping
Soldiers Duke and Tyler get trapped by sadistic Dire Callahan--they wake up tied to trees, and it gets worse from there. Dire has his way with them, gut punching them both into submission! He's just getting started...
Dungeon Games: Into the Woods 2
Starring: Tyler Saint, Duke Rivers
Tags: Ropes, CBT, Nipples, Gag, Jerking Off, Punching/Stomping
Dire Callahan leaves his boys tied to a tree overnight, then fucks with them some more come morning. He gets their balls primed and tied before the big finale...
Dungeon Games: Into the Woods 3
Starring: Tyler Saint, Duke Rivers
Tags: Chains, Ropes, CBT, Nipples, Gag, Jerking Off, Punching/Stomping
In part three, their balls have been prepared with tight ropes that make an X in between the two bound boys. The center of the X is the perfect place to put Dire's collection of chains. Watch Duke and Tyler suffer!
Trifecta 2
Starring: Duke Rivers, Tyler Saint
Tags: CBT, Vacuum/BC
In the final scene of Dungeon Games, it's Duke Rivers who is sucked up. Tyler uses a massager to good effect on his balls and chest, and then can't help but suck Duke through the latex.
Bullwhipped: Legend of the Shadow 1
Starring: Tober Brandt, Tyler Saint
Tags: Ropes, CBT, Blindfold, Spreadeagle
Bullwhipped, our great western epic begins--starring Tyler Saint, Nick Moretti, and Tober Brandt. Jeremiah (Tyler) recounts a story where his truck breaks down and he is accosted by a shadowy stranger--torture ensues!