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Free Monthly Movie

How do I find out what the free movie is?

Every week we send out a mailer to everyone that is a part of the Boundmuscle Weekly email (see if you are set to receive it by going to Mailer/Newsletter Options). On this email, it identifies which movie is our FREE MOVIE of the month. That is the ONLY PLACE that will show what the free movie is for that month.

How do I access the free movie

First, LOG IN! VERY IMPORTANT! Even if you know what the Free Movie is, you won't be able to play it without logging in. Then navigate to the movie by using our List of Movies. You have to find it manually in the list, and hopefully in doing so you will discover something more that you like.

After logging in, I still can't access the free movie

If you still cannot see it, then you are welcome to email customerservice@boundmuscle.com. They will not tell you the movie, nor will they help you if you pick the wrong movie. The follow the instructions, and you'll be fine.