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Movies in series 'Bad Deal'
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Bad Deal: Part 1
Starring: Drake Jaden, Preston Steel
Tags: CBT, Punching/Stomping, Ropes
Drake Jaden is back with Preston Steel, who pounds into the muscle boy in attempt to find out what happened to his money. Drake insists that he doesn't have it, but that just isn't good enough -- some pounding should do the trick.
Bad Deal: Part 2
Starring: Drake Jaden, Preston Steel
Tags: Dick Sucking, Ropes
Furious face fucking! Preston Steel figures out a way for Drake Jaden to pay him back his money -- and it involves a huge dick and a deep throat and a freight elevator. Watch Drake choke and gag...
Bad Deal: Part 3
Starring: Drake Jaden, Ricky Sinz
Tags: CBT, Clothespins, Gag, Leather, Spreadeagle
Preston calls his boss Ricky Sinz to deliver the embezzler to his "care". Drake Jaden is roped up nicely when the boss arrives, and Ricky taunts and tortures the thief with a riding crop and clothespins!
Bad Deal: Part 4
Starring: Drake Jaden, Ricky Sinz
Tags: Clothespins, Gag
Drake Jaden continues to get his comeuppance by the brutal Ricky Sinz -- who slowly puts on two strings of a HUNDRED clothespins to Drake's muscular frame. Then uses a winch to pull the strings off!
Bad Deal: Part 5
Starring: Drake Jaden, Ricky Sinz
Tags: Electro, Hogtie, Ropes, Suspension
Violet Wand with electrified ropes! Watch the merciless Ricky Sinz make Drake Jaden scream and squirm in hogtie suspension bondage! Hurts so bad, Drake finally pisses himself, then gets his face rubbed in it!
Bad Deal: Part 6
The Boss Ricky Sinz decides that he better get some dick sucking out of Drake Jaden before he fires him. First, he uses two dowel rods to great effect, trapping the boy's privates until he gets a different kind of blue balls!