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Movies in series 'Convict Capture'
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Convict Capture: Part 1
Starring: Andre Hardy
Tags: Electro, Forced Workout, Police/Fireman/Medical, Suspension
Escaped convict Andre Hardy looks like he found a place to hole up from the cops -- but finds a world that is soon to be worse than prison! Sadistic Dire Callahan puts his new boy through his paces with forced workout.
Convict Capture: Part 2
Starring: Andre Hardy
Tags: Forced Workout, Paddling/Spanking, Police/Fireman/Medical, Spreadeagle
By now Andre Hardy realizes he is in deep shit. After being forced to do pushups with the "encouragement" of testical tugging, he is strapped into a solid metal rack. One winch stretches the arms. The other winch stretches the balls.
Convict Capture: Part 3
Starring: Andre Hardy
Tags: CBT, Police/Fireman/Medical, Punching/Stomping, Ropes, Spreadeagle
Andre Hardy groans as his joints are stretched on the rack. The worst pain comes from the balls, which have their own private ratchet. Dire Callahan clicks the machine until the ropes are beyond taut.
Convict Capture: Part 4
Starring: Andre Hardy
Tags: Ass Play, Chains, Police/Fireman/Medical
On his back, asshole exposed and vulnerable -- it was time to just how well-used this prison bitch was in the slammer. Surprisingly, the boy has a tight hole, and Dire uses fingers and toys to make him squirm and yell!
Convict Capture: Part 5
Starring: Andre Hardy
Tags: Ass Play, Bootlicking, CBT, Punching/Stomping
Andre Hardy's asshole is tested for fitness with a black dildo, and when it doesn't meet standards, Dire is forced to use his boots -- not only for crushing balls, but making sure they are licked clean.
Convict Capture: Part 6
Starring: Andre Hardy
Tags: CBT, Clothespins, Rubber Straps
The convict is strapped with bungees to a metal crossbeam, his entire body ready for a horde of Clothespins. After picking each one off to a cry from the boy, Dire puts the bungees to good use by seeing just how far he can stretch!
Convict Capture: Part 7
Starring: Andre Hardy
Tags: Blindfold, CBT, Jerking Off, Ropes
Extra Scene from Convict Capture: Andre Hardy learns the meaning of sensory deprivation! He is forced into a straightjacket, then a compression hood completes the package. Master Dire Callahan then ropes him to the cross for the night.