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Movies in series 'Interrogation'
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Interrogation: Part 1
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: Blindfold, CBT, Flogging/Whipping, Military, Suspension
Derek Pain is caught behind enemy lines, and Dire Callahan has been brought in to get the intel. First the stungun, and then a variety of stress positions -- but this soldier is a muscular tough motherfucker.
Interrogation: Part 2
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: Blindfold, CBT, Forced Workout, Military, Suspension
The Interrogator softens the prisoner up with some forced chin-ups and push-ups, all the while prodded by the wicked stun baton. After about the fiftieth boot to the balls, he finally reveals a name -- is it a lie?
Interrogation: Part 3
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: CBT, Military, Nipples, Suspension
Derek Pain continues to hold up under pressure from the interrogator. Hung upside-down, his balls exposed -- the interrogator asks him if he has had any children, and Derek instantly knows what's going to happen.
Interrogation: Part 4
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: CBT, Forced Workout, Military
Captured POW Derek Pain gets no rest while in a choking stress position during the night, and then wakes up to some exercise with an ox yoke. He hobbles around, his balls tied to a bunch of chain, followed by his stunbaton wielding interrogator.
Interrogation: Part 5
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: CBT, Chains, Clothespins, Electro, Military, Nipples
The Interrogator wears out his stunbaton on Derek Pain -- he's not having fun, but not broken by a long shot. Dire tries a new strategy, which has the prisoner chained against a cross -- with a simple but painful torture in store.
Interrogation: Part 6
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: CBT, Chains, Clothespins, Ice/Water, Military
The Interrogator Dire Callahan indulges himself. When clothespins don't work, he moves prisoner Derek Pain to a rack-like contraption. His balls are tied and raised, so that he must support them with his legs and shoulders. But that's only the beginning...
Interrogation: Part 7
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: CBT, Military
Stretched by his balls on a rack of removable beams, Prisoner of War Derek Pain strains to keep his jewels from bring pulled off. His only supports are slowly taken away from him, beam by beam.
Interrogation: Part 8
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: CBT, Chains, Electro, Military
Derek Pain is on the high horse, his entire front vulnerable: the perfect opportunity for electro. Pads on the lower abs, and then on the dick. Soon Derek is involuntary crunching his body and crying out in pain.
Interrogation: Part 9
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: Ass Play, CBT, Electro, Gag, Military
By now the muscled and gagged Derek Pain is too tired to fight back. The electro is starting to work on him. Then the Interrogator brings out something that usually makes men talk.
Interrogation: Part 10
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: CBT, Electro, Gag, Ice/Water, Military
Endgame. Interrogation concludes with some dick shocks via an electrified sound and an American tradition: waterboarding. It doesn't get any more extreme than this. Does he break? Find out now.