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Movies in series 'Muscle Toy'
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Muscle Toy: Part 1
Starring: Brogan
Tags: Clothespins, Ropes, Suspension
Dire works over sexy young newcomer Brogan. He's tough, but a few clothespin strings slowing break him down. See this stoic guy wince!
Muscle Toy: Part 2
Starring: Brogan
Tags: CBT, Paddling/Spanking, Ropes
Our young toy Brogan is roped to a table and pounded with the padded bats. Watch as he tenses in anticipation for each hit...
Muscle Toy: Part 3
Starring: Brogan
Tags: Ass Play, Ball Gag
Brogan is in a vulnerable position, and Dire intends to take full advantage. First a finger up the ass, then two -- watch him be controlled like a puppet.
Muscle Toy: Part 4
Starring: Brogan
Tags: Ass Play, Chains, Forced Workout, Spreadeagle, Suspension
The inverted rack, exposed and painful. First, Dire's toy is forced to crunch up his awesome abs, then the practice bat is going where the sun don't shine. It finally gets to him...
Muscle Toy: Part 5
Starring: Brogan
Tags: Ass Play, CBT, Suspension
Spreadeagle upside down, the Muscle Toy can do little to protect himself from having a hook shoved into his ass. He squirms and yelps, but starts to understand the futility of his situation.