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Movies in series 'Muscle Trainee'
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Muscle Trainee: Part 1
Starring: Sean Duran, Drake Jaden
Tags: Suspension, Assplay, Flogging/Whipping
Drake Jaden is under consideration of Master Sean Duran. This musclegod starts out his investigation of his new sub with some old fashioned flogging. In between stokes, Sean can't resist but to finger and lick Drake's rock hard ass.
Muscle Trainee: Part 2
Starring: Sean Duran, Drake Jaden
Tags: Suspension, Flogging/Whipping
Sean Duran continues to test his new trainee, flipping muscleboy Drake Jaden over to flog the front of him. The boy's dick gets harder and harder the more hits that he takes, bouncing against the leather strips.
Muscle Trainee: Part 3
Starring: Sean Duran, Drake Jaden
Tags: Spreadeagle, Nipples, Ball Gag
It's time to test Trainee Drake's nipples, and the Chinese Clamps will do the trick. Master Sean Duran connects them to a pulley, and then hangs everything from magnets to chains from it. Watch as Drake Jaden squeals when each additional weight is applied.
Muscle Trainee: Part 4
Starring: Sean Duran, Drake Jaden
Tags: Ropes, AssPlay
It's time for Master Sean Duran to train boy Drake Jaden's hole. He wastes no time in roping the muscleboy down in one fuck position after another. His massive rod skewers Drake, who grunts and squeals under it's pressure.
Muscle Trainee: Part 5
Starring: Sean Duran, Drake Jaden
Tags: Dick Sucking, Ass Play, Cum Shot
For the final part of Drake Jaden's training, Sean Duran continues to fuck -- and then makes the boy kneel so that he can face fuck. Sean forces his manhood down until the both are covered in man seed.