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Movies with Tag 'Cum Shot'
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Wrestling Steel: Plaything 2
Starring: Bryce Pierce, Rojer Beaumont
Tags: Ass Play, Cum Shot, Ropes, Athletic, Punching/Stomping, Dick Sucking
Playtime's not over yet! Bryce and Steel wrestle for dominance ends in a fury of sucking. Finally, Steel can no longer contain his sexual energy, and cums all over Bryces chest.
Slave Traders: Playing with the Merchandise 2
Starring: Luke Riley, Derek Pain
Tags: Chains, Nipples, Gag, Punching/Stomping, Cum Shot
Luke continues to "play" with his temporary toy. He beats him with a PVC pipe and leaves a few marks...why should he care? Finally, he is unable to stop himself, and he shoots all over the Product.
The Mountain: Part 6
Starring: Tober Brandt, Paul Stag
Tags: Military, Jerking Off, Vacuum/BC, Cum Shot
The Mountain comes to a thrilling conclusion in a double cum shot! After finishing off with Tober's water torture, Paul Stag finally gets what he wants from the muscled stud--a choking cum shot. Afterwards, he shoots his own load all over his unconscious prize.
Training Play Part 1
Starring: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable
Tags: Chains, Dick Sucking, Punching/Stomping, Cum Shot
See how porn legend Derek da Silva treats his boys! The boy in question is the very sexy Cullen Cable, who spends most of his time in a dog cage--where he belongs. Sir comes home and boy shows what a good cocksucker he can be!
Training Play Part 7
Starring: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable
Tags: Ropes, Dick Sucking, Cum Shot
Our series concludes with Cullen going down on Master Derek da Silva--doing what he does best! Derek takes full advantage of his boy until he cannot help but explode all over the boy's face.
Breathless Part 9
Starring: Derek Pain, Mulengro
Tags: Ropes, Cum Shot
The series concludes with an explosive finale--Derek is exhausted through all of this, and Mulengro finally allows the boy the release. Derek doesn't disappoint, and cums all over the floor.
Closing Time at the Hole: Spreadeagle 2
Starring: Alan Rhodes, Chad Brock
Tags: Ass Play, Cum Shot, Jerking Off, Punching/Stomping, Ropes, Spreadeagle, Suspension
We "close" Closing Time, when Alan Rhodes finally pays up with a mindfuck and ends with a spectacular orgasm. Of course he needs some "encouragement" with a big red buttplug in the ass!
Leather Dungeon: Part 6
Starring: Blake Wesco, Brock Armstrong
Tags: CBT, Cum Shot, Leather, Spreadeagle
Leather Dungeon concludes with a session of epic cock and ball torture. Boy Blake has a tight metal ball stretcher, which Brock Armstrong dangles his boots from. His squirming and screaming give rise to a money shot that leaves pools of cum at the boy's feet.
Skinhead Torture Test: Part 3
Starring: Brock Armstrong, Derek da Silva
Tags: CBT, Cum Shot, Flogging/Whipping, Ice/Water, Jerking Off, Punching/Stomping, Ropes
Our mini-series ends with Brock flat on his back, under the skinhead's boot. After some kicking, Derek da Silva forces Brock to cum while grabbing a fistful of nucksack. Finally, Derek releases his own cream all over Brock's chest!
Drenched: Part 5
Starring: Drake Jaden, Steven Daigle
Tags: Cum Shot, Dick Sucking, Hogtie, Ropes
Drenched concludes with Steven Daigle sucking and choking on Drake Jaden's massive member. Drake ain't shy with it, either -- and as Steven is hogtied to the table there isn't much he can do about except give the man what he wants...a massive load.