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Movies with Tag 'Dick Sucking'
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Shadow Dom: Scene 5
Starring: Larry Savoy, Joe Giovanni
Tags: Jerking Off, Flogging/Whipping, Dick Sucking
In the fifth clip of Shadow Dom, Larry finally submits and gives himself over to the Shadow Dom. He gorges his mouth over the Shadow Dom's cock, all the while receiving whippings--just so Larry remembers who is boss.
The Mechanic: Garage 3
Starring: Derek da Silva, Robert Black
Tags: Chains, CBT, Nipples, Gag, Dick Sucking
FINALLY A VIDEO WITH DICKSUCKING! The Mechanic continues his torture of Robert Black by strapping him to a wooden board with nipple clamps. Unable to resist any longer, the Mechanic has a taste of Robert's dick in a final humiliation.
Wrestling Steel: Plaything
Starring: Bryce Pierce, Rojer Beaumont
Tags: Ass Play, Dick Sucking, CBT, Ropes, Athletic, Punching/Stomping, Vacuum/BC
It's Steel's turn to play--and he desires nothing but to satiate his most carnal desires. He bites, punches and squeezes until he gets what he wants from Bryce.
Wrestling Steel: Plaything 2
Starring: Bryce Pierce, Rojer Beaumont
Tags: Ass Play, Cum Shot, Ropes, Athletic, Punching/Stomping, Dick Sucking
Playtime's not over yet! Bryce and Steel wrestle for dominance ends in a fury of sucking. Finally, Steel can no longer contain his sexual energy, and cums all over Bryces chest.
Bullwhipped: Revenge 1
Starring: Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti, Tyler Saint
Tags: Gag, Dick Sucking
The Shadow (Tober Brandt) finally gets his revenge! First he takes his two new horses into the stall, makes them strip--and then at gunpoint makes Jeremiah suck Duke off!
Training Play Part 1
Starring: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable
Tags: Chains, Dick Sucking, Punching/Stomping, Cum Shot
See how porn legend Derek da Silva treats his boys! The boy in question is the very sexy Cullen Cable, who spends most of his time in a dog cage--where he belongs. Sir comes home and boy shows what a good cocksucker he can be!
Training Play Part 7
Starring: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable
Tags: Ropes, Dick Sucking, Cum Shot
Our series concludes with Cullen going down on Master Derek da Silva--doing what he does best! Derek takes full advantage of his boy until he cannot help but explode all over the boy's face.
Dirty Pigs Part 3
Starring: Nick Moretti, Tyler Saint
Tags: Ropes, Spreadeagle, Police/Fireman/Medical, CBT, Dick Sucking
Nick forces Tyler to suck his huge cock, and the cop takes it like a champ. The gangster then takes pics to remember the occasion--and then promptly cums all over his controlled sergeant.
Dirty Pigs Part 6
Starring: Drake Jaden, Tyler Saint
Tags: Ropes, Police/Fireman/Medical, Punching/Stomping, Electro, Dick Sucking
When Sgt. Tayler wakes up, he find himself on the other side of the torturing -- and far from being the pussy that he seemed, Officer Yeller knows what it takes to get information from people. Even if that means doing a little blackmailing himself...
Dirty Pigs Part 7
Starring: Tyler Saint, Drake Jaden
Tags: Ropes, Police/Fireman/Medical, Electro, Dick Sucking
Officer Yeller still doesn't trust the Sergeant, so he does a little blackmailing and a lot of forcing cock! The image gallery has a few of the actual images that he took--and the Sergeant's expression is one of both humiliation and elation.