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Movies with Tag 'Ice/Water'
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Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 1
Starring: Rex Knight
Tags: Rubber Straps, Ice/Water, Solo
In Chamber 1, Rex Knight struggles like a veritable King Kong at his restraints. His massive muscles flex against the unyielding rubber straps. His only salvation is a key in a block of ice in front of him, just out of reach.
Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 2
Starring: Erik Kelso
Tags: Ice/Water, Chains, Solo
Chamber 2 features the smoking Erik Kelso--in one of the most violent solo bondage scenes ever made. His muscles pulse as they pull against the unrelenting chains that bind him.
Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 3
Starring: Joseph Draggon
Tags: Ice/Water, Hogtie, Military, Solo
Hot military hunk Joseph Draggon is roped in a fierce hogtie in Chamber 3. The block of ice holding the key to his escape lies right in front of his face.
Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 4
Starring: Franco Dax
Tags: Ice/Water, Ropes, Solo
Punk Franco Dax is tied down to a metal bench, with ropes cris-crossing every body part. The block of ice with the key drips ice cold water as it melts, making each moment agony.
Bullwhipped: Saddlesore 1
Starring: Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti
Tags: Ice/Water, Ropes, Blindfold
This time Duke (Nick Moretti) tells his sadistic story, where he is given the horse treatment in the stables. First scrubbed with a hard horse brush, then hosed off with freezing cold water!
Bullwhipped: Revenge 2
Starring: Tober Brandt, Nick Moretti, Tyler Saint
Tags: Ice/Water, Ropes, Electro
In this amazing conclusion to Bullwhipped, there is more forced dicksucking. Then Jeremiah and Duke's heads are forced into the water trough, the loser getting the business end of the cattle prod!
The Mountain: Part 5
Starring: Tober Brandt, Paul Stag
Tags: Military, Ropes, Blindfold, Vacuum/BC, Ice/Water
Tober is tortured from both ends! What is waterboarding with a chair? Fucking brutal, that's what! And that maginificent torture--that has Tober pleading to stop--follows getting a hoe shoved up his ass!
Predicaments Part 7
Starring: Joe Giovanni
Tags: Ice/Water, Ropes
EXTRA: Here is some raw footage of another scene between Dire Callahan and Joe Giovanni. That sound you hear is the pouring rain going on outside--but that didn''t stop the action. Dire''s got a bag of ice and a whole lot of time.
Dirty Pigs Part 8
Starring: Tyler Saint, Nick Moretti, Drake Jaden
Tags: Ropes, Punching/Stomping, Ice/Water
At last, it's time for Mr. Norris to finally get his comeuppance. He is acocsted in the shower by the two cops, and Officer Yeller lets the Lieutenant have his way with the pimp -- in the form of brutal water torture!
House of Pain 2: Part 2
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: Ice/Water, Punching/Stomping, Vacuum/BC
Derek is getting very hot and sweaty being tortured in the Coffin, so Dire decides to put him on ice. The muscle god is put on his back, and his chiseled frontside is now home to 15 lbs. of ice. Then the elctricity is turned back on...