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Movies with Tag 'Military'
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Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 3
Starring: Joseph Draggon
Tags: Ice/Water, Hogtie, Military, Solo
Hot military hunk Joseph Draggon is roped in a fierce hogtie in Chamber 3. The block of ice holding the key to his escape lies right in front of his face.
Simmons 1
Starring: Jeff Simmons
Tags: Military, Ropes, Solo, Gag
While plundering a tomb, hot Jeff Simmons is left by his fellow mercenaries tied over a cargo box. Does Simmons escape? For the long answer, watch the video.....but the short answer is no.
Military Muscle
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Military, Ropes, Solo, CBT, Gag
This time Bigg Pete is caught behind enemy lines and--This video don't need no premise! Angry buff guy tied up real tight with his dick out. He can't really stand up straight, with his balls being roped and pulled tight.
The Mountain: Part 1
Starring: Tober Brandt, Paul Stag, Mike Reno
Tags: Ropes, Flogging/Whipping, Paddling/Spanking, Military
Presenting our new full-length feature Film "The Mountain", starring a dream cast of Tober Brandt, Paul Stag, and Mike Reno. It starts off with Mike''s interrogation-style torture: possessed Paul Stag flogs and paddles, and then continues...
The Mountain: Part 2
Starring: Tober Brandt, Paul Stag, Mike Reno
Tags: Ropes, Flogging/Whipping, Military, Ass Play
...with Mike first swallowing his own piss (with a taste from the interrogator) and then being viciously flogged--and topping it off with the sticking of the hard end of the flogger shoved where the sun don't shine!
The Mountain: Part 3
Starring: Tober Brandt, Paul Stag, Mike Reno
Tags: Chains, Military, Piss
Now the uberstud Tober Brandt gets a piece of Paul Stag''s wrath. He is strapped to the cell bars, and then his head is put in the cage! Then bend him over and add some piss!
The Mountain: Part 4
Starring: Tober Brandt, Paul Stag
Tags: Chains, Military, Piss, Vacuum/BC
After pissing all over him, Paul Stag begins to enjoy himself at Tober's expense. Paul sucks his own piss from Tober's underwear, turns the metal mask into a breath control device, and slams it repeatedly against the metal cell!
The Mountain: Part 5
Starring: Tober Brandt, Paul Stag
Tags: Military, Ropes, Blindfold, Vacuum/BC, Ice/Water
Tober is tortured from both ends! What is waterboarding with a chair? Fucking brutal, that's what! And that maginificent torture--that has Tober pleading to stop--follows getting a hoe shoved up his ass!
The Mountain: Part 6
Starring: Tober Brandt, Paul Stag
Tags: Military, Jerking Off, Vacuum/BC, Cum Shot
The Mountain comes to a thrilling conclusion in a double cum shot! After finishing off with Tober's water torture, Paul Stag finally gets what he wants from the muscled stud--a choking cum shot. Afterwards, he shoots his own load all over his unconscious prize.
Interrogation: Part 1
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: Blindfold, CBT, Flogging/Whipping, Military, Suspension
Derek Pain is caught behind enemy lines, and Dire Callahan has been brought in to get the intel. First the stungun, and then a variety of stress positions -- but this soldier is a muscular tough motherfucker.