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Movies with Tag 'Nipples'
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Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 6
Starring: Rex Knight, Franco Dax
Tags: Ropes, Nipples, Ball Gag
Franco Dax gets a nasty suprise when Rex Knight returns to torture the shit out of him! Nipple torture, whipping, punching--Franco gets worked over up until the amazing climax!
The Mechanic: Garage 2
Starring: Derek da Silva, Robert Black
Tags: Chains, CBT, Nipples, Gag
Robert Black is subjected to another of the Mechanic's twisted creations. His dick is forced through a hole in a piece of wood, and his arms are wrapped around him. The Mechanic is just getting started...
The Mechanic: Garage 3
Starring: Derek da Silva, Robert Black
Tags: Chains, CBT, Nipples, Gag, Dick Sucking
FINALLY A VIDEO WITH DICKSUCKING! The Mechanic continues his torture of Robert Black by strapping him to a wooden board with nipple clamps. Unable to resist any longer, the Mechanic has a taste of Robert's dick in a final humiliation.
Batter Up
Starring: Justin Harden
Tags: Solo, Nipples, Ball Gag, Athletic, Ass Play
We take an interlude from The Mechanic with sexy Justin Hardin as a baseball player who struck out one too many times. A baseball bat is shoved up his ass and his nips suffer from tight clamps. YES, THE BASEBALL BAT IS IN HIS ASS.
The Mechanic: Adam Faust and Robert Black
Starring: Adam Faust, Robert Black
Tags: Ropes, Nipples, Ball Gag, Flogging/Whipping, Clothespins, Blindfold
In these scene of The Mechanic, Adam Faust and Robert Black make a perfect duo. Adam sizes up his prize, and then whips clothespins off Robert's perfect pecs.
Benched Boy
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, Nipples, Gag
We finally decide to work on Bigg Pete's nips to see how much they can take. We didn't tell him about the clamps until AFTER we had strapped him down and gagged him. I think you'll agree that it worked out better that way.
Benched Boy Part 2
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, Nipples, Gag, Vacuum/BC
At last, the coup de grace--something that is a rarity in this day and age in porn: breath control! We stick a mask on him--bag just recycles his own breath. Pretty sure he doesn't remember finishing this shoot...
House of Pain: Pec Pain 1
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: Chains, Nipples
House of Pain: a new movie starring unbelievably hot Derek Pain. In this first of many features, he wakes up to find himself chained to a diabolical bondage contraption. His nipples get involved real quick.
House of Pain: Pec Pain 2
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: Chains, Nipples
In this second part to House of Pain: Pec Pain, Derek's nips are pulled out of their sockets by Chinese clamps. Fun Fact: Those Chinese nipple clamps get tighter the more that you pull on them. Watch them in action!
Stalker: Captured 1
Starring: Tober Brandt, Cullen Cable, Duncan Murphy
Tags: Ropes, CBT, Nipples, Ball Gag, Gag, Police/Fireman/Medical
Now that the Stalker caught his lion, now he had to train him! Cullen Cable is tied up with a bit gag nearby to watch the torture.