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Movies with Tag 'Piss'
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The Mechanic: Blood and Piss
Starring: Robert Black, Derek da Silva
Tags: Ropes, Piss, Cutting
* DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO * -- In this clip of The Mechanic, Derek da Silva cuts up Robert Black good, and then pisses on him. Watching this may make you unable to masturbate ever again.
The Mechanic: Rescue and Revenge Part 1
Starring: Derek da Silva, Robert Black, Adam Faust
Tags: Ropes, Piss, Suspension, Punching/Stomping
Hot Adam Faust catches cocky Derek da Silva during his moment of weakness, knocks him out and then suspends him from the winch! Part 1 of 3.
Wildcats Suck 2
Starring: Beau Sinclair
Tags: CBT, Athletic, Electro, Forced Workout, Piss
Dire Callahan and friends begin to fuck up Beau Sinclair. First they train obedience with him with the shock collar--he fucking pisses his pants. He then is made to do push-ups in the piss!
The Mountain: Part 3
Starring: Tober Brandt, Paul Stag, Mike Reno
Tags: Chains, Military, Piss
Now the uberstud Tober Brandt gets a piece of Paul Stag''s wrath. He is strapped to the cell bars, and then his head is put in the cage! Then bend him over and add some piss!
The Mountain: Part 4
Starring: Tober Brandt, Paul Stag
Tags: Chains, Military, Piss, Vacuum/BC
After pissing all over him, Paul Stag begins to enjoy himself at Tober's expense. Paul sucks his own piss from Tober's underwear, turns the metal mask into a breath control device, and slams it repeatedly against the metal cell!
Drenched: Part 1
Starring: Drake Jaden, Steven Daigle
Tags: Ass Play, Blindfold, Dick Sucking, Ice/Water, Piss, Ropes, Spitting
Steven Daigle is Drenched! This is how we do a shower scene -- with Drake Jaden in control of Steven, who is rope-tied in tightie-whities. After some face fucking, Drake decides that his dirty boy needs to be cleaned, in a away that only a shower douche can provide...
Interrogation 3: Part 4
Starring: Derek Pain, Mulengro, Ricky Sinz, Tyler Saint
Tags: CBT, Electro, Ice/Water, Military, Piss, Spreadeagle
Pitting the torture of one against the other, the interrogators delight in shocking and taunting the two prisoners. They are force-fed water to feed the bucket under Derek's balls...