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Movies with Tag 'Ropes'
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Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 4
Starring: Franco Dax
Tags: Ice/Water, Ropes, Solo
Punk Franco Dax is tied down to a metal bench, with ropes cris-crossing every body part. The block of ice with the key drips ice cold water as it melts, making each moment agony.
Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 5
Starring: Rex Knight, Joe Giovanni, Erik Kelso
Tags: Ropes, CBT
In Round 2, Erik Kelso is pitted against the Xtinguisher. The fireman muscle god ties Erik to a ladder and tortures him until he squeals!
Bound Muscle 1: The Gauntlet Part 6
Starring: Rex Knight, Franco Dax
Tags: Ropes, Nipples, Ball Gag
Franco Dax gets a nasty suprise when Rex Knight returns to torture the shit out of him! Nipple torture, whipping, punching--Franco gets worked over up until the amazing climax!
Bigg Pete 1
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, Gag
Bigg Pete is suspended by rope to a chain fence, his softball-size biceps flex against the ties. This guy isn't going anywhere fast, but he sure tries.
Simmons 1
Starring: Jeff Simmons
Tags: Military, Ropes, Solo, Gag
While plundering a tomb, hot Jeff Simmons is left by his fellow mercenaries tied over a cargo box. Does Simmons escape? For the long answer, watch the video.....but the short answer is no.
Shadow Dom: Scene 1
Starring: Larry Savoy, Joe Giovanni
Tags: Chains, Ropes, CBT, Gag
This is the first clip of Shadow Dom, where a frightened boy is transformed through bondage and torture into a man. Larry is captured, his jeans are torn off, and he is strapped to a bed made of solid steel.
Bigg Pete 2
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, Ball Gag
Bigg Pete is back! Here he is tied to a chair propped up against our trusty old chain grid wall like piece of living art. If you listen closely, you can almost make out the foul language through the bright red ball gag.
Bigg Pete 3
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, Gag
Bigg Pete is back again--this time he is strapped securely to our steel bed. His balls come out to say hello through a tear in his jeans. His softball biceps tug against his bindings, but the more he strains, the tighter the ropes wrap around his sweaty frame. Part 1 of 2.
Bigg Pete 4
Starring: Bigg Pete
Tags: Ropes, Solo, CBT, Ball Gag, Spreadeagle
This is the thrilling conclusion to the BiggPete series! The balls finally come out, and are wrapped tight in a stretcher. Then the diabolic dom rigs up some string that forces Pete's balls to literally hang in midair. He struggles one way--pain. He struggles another way--pain.
Dominik Mann
Starring: Dominik Mann
Tags: Ropes, Solo, Gag, Clothespins
Sexy Dominik Mann is roped tightly to a metal frame, where gloved hands tease him. Eventually, the hands us clothespins in the way that they were truly intended: on the nipples.