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Movies with Tag 'Spitting'
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Wrestling Steel: Brain Over Brawn
Starring: Bryce Pierce, Rojer Beaumont, Luca Ciccone
Tags: Athletic, Ropes, Vacuum/BC, Nipples, Spitting, CBT, Gag, Punching/Stomping
Bryce turns the tables on Steel, preying on the animal's weakness: stupidity. When Luca returns, Bryce gives him a date with the turnbuckle!
Power Play Part 2
Starring: Nick Moretti, Luke Riley
Tags: Ropes, Leather, Punching/Stomping, Ball Gag, Spitting
Nick Moretti flips Luke Riley over and works over his back. You can see how Nick is enjoying this as he bounces the bat off Luke's head--and the boy's spitting response!
Power Play Part 3
Starring: Nick Moretti, Luke Riley
Tags: Ropes, Leather, Paddling/Spanking, Spitting
Luke's beating continues! Nick Moretti moves from the bat to giving the boy a good old fashioned spanking--until the sexy Dom finally gets too cocky...
Drenched: Part 1
Starring: Drake Jaden, Steven Daigle
Tags: Ass Play, Blindfold, Dick Sucking, Ice/Water, Piss, Ropes, Spitting
Steven Daigle is Drenched! This is how we do a shower scene -- with Drake Jaden in control of Steven, who is rope-tied in tightie-whities. After some face fucking, Drake decides that his dirty boy needs to be cleaned, in a away that only a shower douche can provide...
Rival Gang Revenge: Part 1
Starring: Draven Torres, Ricky Sinz
Tags: Blindfold, Punching/Stomping, Ropes, Spitting
The legendary Ricky Sinz catches muscled scrapper Draven Torres marking up his gang flags, and payback is a bitch! Ricky strings him up and uses him as a human punching bag until Draven loses the attitude problem -- and then the fun begins...