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Movies with Tag 'Tickling'
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Stalker: Revenge 2
Starring: Tober Brandt, Duncan Murphy
Tags: Ropes, Police/Fireman/Medical, Needles, Tickling
The finale to Stalker is one of the most brutal and perfectly timed CBT scenes ever shown on film! THAT IS A 20 LB DUMBELL ATTACHED TO HIS BALLS, MOTHERFUCKER! DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS--UNLESS YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR BALLS TORN OFF!
Derek Pain: Hogtie
Starring: Derek Pain
Tags: Ropes, CBT, Police/Fireman/Medical, Needles, Tickling
Derek Pain is back! This time those huge muscles are in a nice, relaxing hogtie. It's a good thing our cameraman is there to have his way with him!