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Movies with Tag 'Wax/Fireplay'
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Slave Traders: Bargain Basement 3
Starring: Derek Pain, Mitch Colby, Luke Riley
Tags: Chains, Wax/Fireplay
The Buyer takes a break from his torture of the Product to let the Guard get a little of his own back against the Seller. His first weapon of choice is hot wax, which he uses to great effect against the cage-trapped Mitch.
Slave Traders: Bargain Basement 4
Starring: Mitch Colby, Luke Riley
Tags: Ropes, Flogging/Whipping, Wax/Fireplay
In this final part of Slave Traders, the Guard continues his torture of the sexy captured Seller. What is the best way to get wax off? Flogging it off! You can just see the gleem in the Guard's eye while he does it!
Dungeon Games: Candle Play 1
Starring: Duke Rivers, Tyler Saint
Tags: Chains, Leather, Wax/Fireplay
Finally we finish off Dungeon Games: Megahunk Tyler Saint lights some candles and uses them to awesome effect on Duke River's hot body. There is no part left untouched from the wax's hot touch!
Training Play Part 5
Starring: Derek da Silva, Cullen Cable
Tags: Ropes, Clothespins, Wax/Fireplay
...and the clothespins are torn off, eliciting a long scream from boy Cullen Cable! To keep boy occupied during the intricate placement of the clothespins, Derek da Silva slathers on a bunch of Icy Hot on the boy's balls. OUCH.
House of Pain 2: Part 5
Starring: Derek_Pain
Tags: Spreadeagle,Wax_Fireplay
The cranking continues. Derek Pain's massive shoulders and legs stretch and stretch, until he very nearly reaches the breaking point.
Trial By Fire: Part 1
Starring: Drake Jaden, Luke Riley
Tags: Ropes, Spreadeagle, Wax/Fireplay
Our first Steel Edge feature, directed by Derek da Silva! Luke Riley shows muscleboy Drake Jaden just how the firesticks work. Drake squirms until Luke shows him how he can put the fire out. Must be seen to be believed!
Trial By Fire: Part 2
Starring: Drake Jaden, Luke Riley
Tags: Electro, Ropes, Wax/Fireplay
Luke Riley has sexy Drake Jaden roped with bondage for some more intense fireplay. First, the streak of alcohol. Then the ignition source: a red zapper. An arsonist''s dream come true!
Trial By Fire: Part 3
Starring: Drake Jaden, Luke Riley
Tags: Flogging/Whipping, Wax/Fireplay
What starts off as a simple flogging turns into something that Drake Jaden will never forget. The flogger is set ablaze, and what comes next must be seen to be believed!
Rope Dreams: Part 1
Starring: Brock Armstrong, Drake Jaden
Tags: CBT, Punching/Stomping, Ropes, Suspension, Wax/Fireplay
Musclestuds Drake Jaden and Brock Armstrong are having sexy brutal dreams -- and this first one has Drake suspended and vulnerable. Brock uses this to his advantage with hot wax and impact play!
Rope Dreams: Part 2
Starring: Brock Armstrong, Drake Jaden
Tags: Cum Shot, Dick Sucking, Jerking Off, Ropes, Suspension, Wax/Fireplay
The dream -- or nightmare -- continues with Drake Jaden suspended and at the mercy of Brock Armstrong. His candle work complete, Brock smacks off the wax with a riding crop and then brings his boy to an orgasmic climax!